About Our School

Mission Statement

The mission of FCMS is to create and maintain an environment that will educate and empower all students to become contributing members in a dynamic, global society. We are committed to providing a comprehensive system of support to ensure that every student has the opportunity to meet or exceed state and national standards.

About the School

In 1964, the schools within Franklin County were consolidated into one school district, with a newly constructed high school in Carnesville. In 1973, students in the 7th and 8th grades were consolidated into a new Franklin County Junior High School, located on Busha Road in Carnesville. In the mid 90s, the Junior High School became a middle school with the addition of the 6th grade, using the old Red Hill Wing. In the fall of 2006, Franklin County Middle School moved from the old facility on Busha Road into the newly completed building on Turkey Creek Road. Franklin County Middle School is the only middle school in the Franklin County School System, with an enrollment of approximately 900 students.

Vision Statement

Franklin County Middle School will be a comprehensive system of support where:

  • Quality staff has high expectations for student achievement while working individually and collaboratively to create conditions that promote student success
  • The importance of lifelong learning is modeled through staff commitment to Professional Learning and Development.
  • All curriculums are aligned with standards-based instruction, and students are provided with opportunities to exceed state and national standards.
  • All content is mastered through an environment in which failure is not an option.
  • Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum, and students are prepared to become contributing members of their global community
  • All stakeholders are involved in creating a safe, supportive environment in which individuals are treated with respect and consideration regardless of differences.
  • Effective partnerships are established with the larger community: parents, families, residents, businesses, government agencies, and other educational systems.
  • All stakeholders are an integral part of the development and education of our students.